About us

I am a distributor of all OMKIA, Inari products to the EU, United States, Japan, South Africa and I work closely with this company.

These products are characterized by high quality and detail. These are mainly made by hand. They are made of materials such as wood, metal and plastic. They maintain the right proportions.

Lamps have led lighting in 3 colors of light, namely white warm, white cold and also yellow. The look, fit, quality, and the lighting that the lamps give faithfully reflect the photos of the models in the lamp gallery. Lamp models at the beginning of the wood will be provided with a special plug, so that you will not need to solder them and only insert them into the appropriate socket.

Bridge models are made of photo-etched sheets soldered together by the use of precision soldering, coated with copper or zinc.

I sincerely invite you to purchase these products. I am 100% confident that they will satisfy the most picky models.



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